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When Nightmares Chase Your Child #notasound

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"Nightmares occur from time to time in many children, but they are most common in preschoolers (children aged 3-6 years) because this is the age at which normal fears develop and a child’s imagination is very active."(Webmd)
In the picture book, Not a Sound, Not a Peep, the youngest child suffers through  nightmares. This takes a toll on the entire family, as does a nightmare in any preschooler. The family in the book comes up with a few pretty good ideas to comfort the little girl, but sometimes it takes a lot of effort to help a child through the terrors. The first thing is to find out why the nightmares started. Nightmares can happen because of:
  1.  Starting school.
  2. Moving to a new neighborhood
  3. Family divorce or remarriage.
  4. Nightmares can occur from family history
  5. Fever
  6. Medication
What Can You Do to Help Your Child?
  • Listen . Don't ridicule, belittle, or ignore the child's fear.
  • Comfort your child. Reassure the child about his/her safety
  • Teach coping skills. Help the child to learn to relax, make the "monster spray", read,
  • Security object. Help your child become attached to a security object that he can keep in bed with him. This can help your child feel more relaxed at bedtime and throughout the night.
  • Make the dark fun. Play games, give the child a flashlight, plug in a nightlight.
  • Avoid incidents that cause fear. Such as TV shows, stories, games, arguments between adults.
For more ideas on helping your child through nightmares, visit The Baby Center.

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