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Stop the Bullshit.School Bullying is not Playground Behavior

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Why do parents continue to send their children to an establishment that allows them to be mistreated, humiliated, hurt, and harassed enough that the poor child would prefer to be dead?

I recently read an article about a 11 year old who wanted to commit suicide because his equally bullied friend had. It hurt my heart. 
How, as adults are we continuing to let this happen? I can't understand why consistent bullying isn't upgraded from "playground behavior?" It becomes stalking, harassment, mental abuse and whatever it is called when directed at an adult and should be charged as such.
The little demons who inact day to day, gang mentality, mindless harassment on another child should be made to pay in some form.
Those in charge should be held accountable.  If you continue sending your child into direct harm you're just as guilty of abuse for sending your child to be terrorized. And you're paying for your child to be beat by paying taxes to the school system.
Sure, parents step forward and fight this, the first and  main step is to keep your child home. There is no protection for him on the bus or at school. I can't see how that is any different than sending your child to be abused by an adult. Child Protective Services would eat your ass for that, yet they do nothing when the abuser is the educational system.
It may not work, but as a parent,  I would file charges on the Principal,  administration, the evil, abusive, phychotic children and their parents and whomever else to get something to happen.  These deviants are winning while the tortured children have lost faith in the adults and are killing themselves.
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