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Never step between a mother and her child. #mommadontplay

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"I'm sorry for what you're going through but you’re not going to drag my child into it. My only concern is him. I have known you for years and you're stronger than you think and you'll be okay. Giant has been through enough in his life and I will do anything I feel necessary to keep him happy, even If it makes him miserable. Stay away from him, Debney."
"Oh my God, You're so callous. You talk as if I planned everything. Do you really think I’m happy with the way my life is going? What’s good in it? I can’t go back to being the virgin Debney Nichole Armstrong who lived with a family and had best friends." She swiped at the tears she hadn’t realized were rolling down her cheeks and tossed her head so her hair revealed the determination in her face.  "I have nothing and no one. My life has changed. I’ve changed. And I don’t know if it’s for the worse or the better, but I do know I have to live on. When School starts next week I’m determined to fulfill my educational goals, ignore all those who have imaginary issues with me and hopefully graduate before I become a mother. So if you think that means I don’t care about Giante' then believe what you want."
"I'm sure you care for him. At one time I was afraid you would entice him to marry you. If you think pushing a baby on him is the way to do it, I’m going to just tell you this. Continue living the fast life and trying to drag my child down with you and I'll make sure you will spend the rest of your days fighting for your child.”
"Are you threatening me?”
"Without a damned doubt you can believe I'm threatening the very root of your life.”
“Wow that’s what I've always liked about you Mrs. De Vries. You're always direct and straight to the point." She folded her arms across her chest. “Don’t make a mistake and think you ever knew me Mrs. De Vries. I’m not always as nice as I look. I can promise you this much, nothing between us will ever be the same. I may not be a mother yet, but I will fight for this child with as much passion as you fight for Giante’. This baby is mine and I will fight you and anyone else who tries to come between me and it."
"Step back, daddy or I'll shoot you," she ordered swinging the gun at Austin when he made as if to step between her and Catrine. "Give him here." She pointed the gun back at Brhin, "Or he dies."
"How can you do this to him?" Catrine clutched Brhin closer to her chest. "How can you scare this child like you are doing?  He is trembling so hard I think his little heart will stop. Please, don't do this to him. He's been through enough today. He's tired. I somehow thought that you loved him. You went through a lot to get him."
"I love him enough not to let you have him back. I can take care of him as well as you can."
"How do you expect to do that? By running around the country forever? Because if you take my child I promise you I will hunt for him, throughout eternity."
"Don't threaten me, girl. You don't know who I am. I'll kill you right now. How are you going to hunt for him then?  I can do for him as much as you can, probably even more. I have watched you two constantly. I know everything he likes and doesn't like. I know where you shop for groceries. I know the kind of things Brhin can talk you into buying and the things you never give a second thought. Do you realize how much that child wanted that remote control car you wouldn't buy him?"
Catrine looked at Brhin in surprise when his head popped up and turned to look back at Mona.
 "Well, I knew." Mona thumped her chest with her free hand smugly. "And I bought it for him." She announced triumphantly.
"I didn't buy him the car because I don't give him everything that he wants. I am his mother not his friend."  Catrine stated deliberately bursting Mona's bubble of superiority.
"Do you think you can raise a child by giving him only what he needs?"  Mona stepped forward, putting her face closer to Catrine's. "Do you think he will grow up happy? Do you think he will grow up to love you?"
"Listen, Lady." Catrine angrily stepped towards Mona until they were standing forehead to chin. Catrine being the taller of the two and completely ignoring the gun held in the woman's hand continued her tirade. "Don't stand there and try to tell me how to raise my child. If you cared for him, you would not be putting him through this."
"You don't wanna be all in my face like that."   
Mona picked up the gun and smacked Catrine hard on the forehead with its tip.
The sound of the thump echoing through the bones of her skull brought her back to her senses; Catrine took a couple of steps backwards. Bumping into Austin, she took a calming breath when he put his arms around her waist.
"Relax, Catrine. It won't hurt to let her talk." Austin admonished her softly.
"I'll try."

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