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A First For Us All #firstchristmas

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Christmas,  this year was the first for all of us. For days in advance, I began to feel more and more miserable.

I was just about to make Santa cry, beg off from the family get together and stay home, wallowing in grief, but Christmas was the first for all of us.
This is the first Christmas Angela was spending celebrating up close and personal with Jesus.  Hanging out and singing with the angels she always adored. Laughing and in good cheer with family and friends  also at the party. All is well.

For us, this was the first Christmas we didn't have Angela with us, forcing us to laugh at our  karaoke antics, crippling Wii dances, and crazy games.But we made it and all was beautiful and enjoyable.

The best thing about this first Christmas  was the fact it was the first one for the newest member of our family, Angela's first granddaughter. God is awesome.

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