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You Have to Stand Up for Your Child's Health

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Aww, my baby is sick. Doesn't help that the 'kid' (the one in the white sweater)is very deep in her twenties and able to care for herself. When I see her going through the same thing this time of year after 24 years, it still bothers me.

It began when she was four years old. One morning she woke saying her stomach burned and by the end of the day she had vomited and cried so much I brought her to the emergency room where they diagnosed a virus. Two days later, after no relief, we were in the doctor's office. Same diagnosis. Poor little thing wouldn't eat or drink anything. For the remainder of the week and into the middle of the next it was the same, until she was hospitalized. All kinds of tests were done during her week long stay to the conclusion they could find nothing. She was transferred to a larger hospital, Texas Children's. After a fearful misdiagnosis from a possible case of aids, which she might have  acquired through blood transfusions as a preemie, we again got a "we don't know what the problem is", she mysteriously got better and we were sent home.
This went on for years. When my daughter would become ill, you couldn't get her to eat or drink anything and it became so traumatizing. The doctor and I communicated well until she said maybe the comment that maybe it was 'me' causing the problem. Really ticked me off and we would go back and forth on whether or not to run different tests.  We gave up Koolaid, Ketchup, tomato sauce. Anything I could think of that would irritate the stomach lining. I began keeping a diary and it finally clicked. It had to be allergies. She always became ill during the months of October through December after a small cold. When I told the doctor she disagreed, again we went the rounds. Eventually, I said forget it and started giving her over the counter allergy medication. That first year was glorious. None of the weeks of painful crying and each year after became better and better because we would start the treatment in advance of the allergy attack. I knew in my heart this was the thing to do and still believe it. You have to fight for the medical treatment your child needs. No matter how big or small.

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