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Being a 'natural green parent '

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What is a natural parent? Heck what is a 'green' parent for that matter. Well in my mindset it doesn't have all that much to do with eating the best foods (all though that counts) and being green is not about saving the earth as much as it is about saving your sanity while rearing children. Then again, I guess that does factor into saving the earth.
This blog is about being green as in being a new parent and natural as in the basic instinctive way it comes to rearing your child or children. I'll share information I've learned after working nearly forty years in the child care profession, twenty-seven years of single handedly rearing and homeschooling three daughters in, through and out of college, a few hundred years of poking my nose in other people's business and the new joys of being a first time grandmother. So, grab a chair, maybe a pad and pencil, and let's share notes on being

Understanding the Rearing of Adults

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