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*Mothers, the Ones With Super Powers* #parenting #thingslegendsaremadeof #parenting

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The most amazing thing in the world is to become a mother. So many subtle, unseen things about you change. You gain super powers. Go on, hook on that cape because I know you've felt them.
  • You can hear the restless rustle of sheets from behind closed doors, down the hall and through the walls.
  • You can sense when danger is trying to sneak up on your child.
  • You feel pain, read minds, and almost always save the day...but you can never tear yourself apart.
  • Your one weakness, and it can knock the knees right from under you, is LOVE. Try to run, hide, bury it, and it remains. Giving you strength and thing you in knots.

    What is your super power?

    Cutest stories about three little girls from the series "In My Sister's World."

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