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Child Care Providers-Are You In The Right Profession?

This is a question you should ask yourself daily. If you have even a small doubt or wish to leave, THEN YOU SHOULD GET OUT. Find a door and step away, because your small mistakes can mean the death of a child.

I just want to know if ANYONE IS PAYING ATTENTION. The other night I listened to the news in horror as yet another child has died after being left in a daycare van. This poor little kid went on a field trip, fell asleep on the van and was forgotten by the driver and everyone else in charge of his life.
What is going on? I’ve been in the child care profession for nearly 40 years and things seem to be just getting worse. The ease and quickness in which a center is established, and the way owners negate to monitor their business seems to be the problem.  I have become ashamed of the nonchalant attitude which is running through the system.
These deaths that are occurring while the children are in the hands of the caregiver is an unbelievable nightmare and unacceptable. Someone needs to wake up. 

How hard is it to be aware of the number of children under your care and relying on your protection? You take three children away from the center, you should bring three back into the center. No matter what the number, how hard is it to keep a head count? If either one of those children were your own, I will guarantee you would keep an eye on them.  I am so tired of these people who are in the centers basically killing time along with endangering lives. I’m fed up with center owners and directors who continually let obvious fractions by-pass them and just to be frank, have no business owning a center let alone running one. Whose child has to die before you start doing your job and paying attention?
My questions to you, the childcare provider and the Center owners/Directors are these:
  • If you are in the field because you think its an easy way to make money YOU SHOULD GET OUT.
  • If you are in the field because you think it will be fun to play with the children YOU SHOULD GET OUT.
  • There is no place in the child care system for those who just want to gossip, sit on the phone, watch TV or read a book. PAY ATTENTION
 Not a thing puzzling about this. If you have a doubt, getting tired or find no fulfillment...YOU SHOULD GET OUT.
School is about to start again and more children will be placed in the hands of a few incompetent people. If you are one of those YOU SHOULD GET OUT, NOW!


About the Author: Ey Wade considers herself to be a caged in frustrated author of thought provoking, mind bending eBooks, an occasional step-in parent, a fountain of knowledge, and ready to share. She is the author of The Perfect Solution the story of a parent’s worse nightmare. A three year old is mistakenly given to a stalker by his preschool-teacher.

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