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Only in America | Dare to Celebrate 60 Days of America's Diversity

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 How lucky we are to have been born in America. In America, at the birth of a baby the happy shout goes out for first its sex and second if it is healthy. Rarely do you hear the question, what race is it? In America you are born boy or girl, the rude interruption of race and classification only surfaces at the introduction of paper work.

If the world looked at babies as just that,tiny beautiful little people with inquisitive eyes, chubby cheeks, dimpled knees and elbows....how wonderful life would be.


How awesome it would be if we in America celebrated the birth of a child as if it were the newest and most welcomed contributor to society. Loved them, encouraged them, and educated them to be sensitive, caring individuals. Regardless of race and ethnicity.

History was written in more than Black & White and Beads on a String-America’s Racially Intertwined Biographical History lauds loudly the accomplishments of all races that helped make America the great country it has become. America’s glorious multi-racial history is finally acknowledged.

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