“My mother said I must always be intolerant of ignorance but understanding of illiteracy. That some people, unable to go to school, were more educated and more intelligent than college professors.” ~ Maya Angelou

Another Voice of Me

Another Voice of Me
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Praise for Ey Wade

Praise for Ey Wade
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"Now can I admit that this author is an immense talent. As if I were to step into a room to view a priceless Monet of words, I stand in awe of her work!" Paula Rose Michelson

"Looking forward to reading more of Ey Wade's books!
"Janet Brown

"Ms. Wade, WOW, that's my feeling right now, after reading your book...I will be reading more of your work. "Cassondra

"Ey Wade takes words and paints the picture..." SeaWitch

"Ey Wade is a talented author and I definitely will be reading more of her work and expecting more good works from her."Lisa

Ey Wade is genius! Keke Chanel


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Best In History
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Excerpt from the novel: The Perfect Solution “...I placed the most precious thing I had in the world, in your hands and you people did not take your jobs seriously."

Dear Parent, grandparent, teacher, childcare provider, and person who cares for the welfare of a child,

Are you aware of the mistreatment, neglect, and deaths of children which have occurred in traditional and/or home based child care centers? Some happen in  traditional as well as as home based. Are you becoming concerned? I am. Are there perhaps things we as the caregivers should be doing to eliminate daily incidents of negligence and keep horrific results like those from occurring?

Hi, I’m Ey Wade. I have been in the childcare profession for over thirty years, both in the traditional centers and as owner of a private home based center. I have witnessed and heard of a lot of things which should never have happened when a child is placed in the hands of another.

The following are questions which came to mind as I wrote the novel, The Perfect Solution and wish to share with you. Hopefully these questions will aid in improving measures in and out of the child care center.
 If you have a child in your life, download and take this survey/questionnaire as a tool on your search for the perfect solution.

Thank you for your concern and participation.

Ey Wade

What it says:


These questions pertain to everyone in the childcare, from janitorial to director. Please do not let your position in the center or as a parent(guardian) bias your answer.

You may hold the key to making your particular center better and possibly saving a life. You may hold the key to making the center the best. Please answer questions as completely as possible without using the minimum standards handbook. If you or your center has a unique way of handling things, please include your suggestions.

1) Do you love working with children? _________Why?_______________

2) How long have you worked in childcare?_____________ Do you feel the same about the profession as you did when you started?

3) Do you believe the amount you are paid reflects your duties?

4) Would you as a staff member, report negligence, abuse, or misconduct that occurs in the center? _____If no, why not?

5) If you did report within the center ad actions remained the same, would you report to higher authority?

6) Not considering your salary as a necessity, how important is your responsibility in childcare?

7) Do you feel your actions, attitude, and morals affect the children in your care?

8) Why is it important for parents to have respect for their caregiver?

9) Do you feel it is important to 'get along' with staff members?

10) Do you believe its okay to go to work and just 'mind your business'?

11) Who do you feel is responsible for overall conduct or actions which occur within the center? Why?

12) Would you take exception to someone walking around observing, and taking notes within the center?


13) What is your idea of a ' safe' environment?


1. What are the most important pieces of information to be posted over each crib in an infant room or near the crib in a home center?

What is your suggestion?

2. What do you feel is the best way to make sure the room is safe for infant care? What is your suggestion?

3. Should each infant have a specified crib? If not, how would you distinguish who uses each crib? What is your suggestion?

4. What would you do if there were a fire in the center and you worked with infants? Your suggestion.


5. Why do you think it is important to have a list of the children in your care posted on the wall?

 Do you think it is important to have their emergency information posted, also? What would be your suggestion?

6. How often should you count the children in your care?  Why? What is your suggestion?

7 Do you feel it is important to carry the list of children with you when you (and the children) leave the room?


8. Do you believe there should be a designated routine established in your center concerning field trips? What would you do before and after a field trip to make sure all of the children are safe and accounted for?

9. I believe cell phones are a major asset between center and van drivers; plus center and director. What do you feel? Should the center be responsible for supplying and maintaining this equipment?

10.When on a field trip, do you believe there should be a designated 'lead' teacher?

11. What do you think should be the routine for safe daily van/car transportation? How would you make sure no child is forgotten in the vehicle?


12. Do you believe teachers need short breaks throughout the day? Why?What would you suggest?

13. If you were in the farthest class from the office how would you relate your needs to the office or others?

14. Do you think it would be beneficial for all classes/ home to have intercom systems or video monitors?

15. What would be an approved reason to leave your class (inside or outside) without adult supervision?

16. How would you handle such a situation in a home center? If you are the only adult, how do you handle lunch preparation? Restroom breaks?


17. What information should a parent share when bringing child to center in morning?

18. Do you think parents should be allowed to bring strangers into the building/home when leaving or picking up their children?

19. Do you believe centers should provide a designated place for visitors to wait while clients get their child? What is your suggestion?

20. If you didn't know the person who has come to get a child, what would you do?

Remember, you are in the farthest room from the office.

21. Where should initial identification have been?

22. What is your (your center's) procedure?

23. What would you do if a child refuses to leave with the person after identification has been established?

24. The child is the last in the center, you're tired and ready to leave, but the child is hysterical and refuses to leave. What would be your response?

25. What do you feel your responsibility is when working in childcare and where does it end?

26. If a serious accident or death occurs in your childcare center, who should be responsible?

27. From children playing in the restrooms, to running in the highways, how observant or conscious are you being on a daily basis in all areas? What is your suggestion?


If you feel you can elaborate on this survey, please feel free to do so.
THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME Wade-In Publishing    email: imtheauhor@gmail.com

The Perfect Solution is a novel written with the purpose of informing parents, parents-to-be, daycare workers, owners, and others in the child care profession of the importance of diligent observation in childcare centers.

While The Perfect Solution is entertaining, it entices parents to become involved in the daily running of the center their child/children attend. The Perfect Solution captures the attention of workers and owners of centers by reminding them of the little incidents occurring in the center where they ma have been lacking in observation. This novel brings the true importance of paying attention close to home.

In the novel, other problems occurring in the building are mentioned, for example, poor staffing, high staff turn-over, physical abuse, children forgotten in vans, parks, just to name a few. The Perfect Solution tells of problems, but also gives solutions to the problems.

The Perfect Solution not only delves into the depths of the emotions and thoughts of the parents and the child, it also exposes the  motives of the abductor, the director of the center  and the teacher who mistakenly places the child in the abductor's hands.

Read excerpts from book here.

You can purchase The Perfect Solution and other books by Ey Wade at all major bookstores.

Ey Wade

The Perfect Solution- Childcare Survey #parenting #thingslegendsaremadeof

 Summer will soon be over and time to place the young ones in the hands of others. Can be a frightening thing. Read this first. Who is really caring for your child? This is the title to an article I wrote in June. You can click over or read here. and then watch the video on the end. A Survey can be found here

As an over thirty year veteran of the child care profession and an author of a novel dealing with the negligence which occurs in the day care centers, I have found myself asking this question repeatedly.

As the years have passed, the question comes to the forefront of my mind more often. I have been employed in many centers in the past. Most of which I left deciding to seek employment elsewhere due to their lack of organization, cleanliness, mistreatment of the staff, poor wages and, most of all because of the slipshod attitude and occasional abuse in the care of children.
We as adults tend to worry and frustrate ourselves more with the quality of education for school-aged children when she should be focusing on the care of the infant through preschooler. These are the formative years in which life’s values are ingrained by the time a child reaches 5 years old. Sure, some habits can be changed, but the main foundation is established in the beginning.
We as the care-givers can have great influence on the children. I know this because children will pick up our habits and take them home- the way we move, the way we say things. I know this because I have heard from many parents how their child mimics me in their play and in their daily lives, so I try to be a great role model. The way we treat the children are the way they grow. It’s not just “a lack of home training.” I hear this statement often in the child care system especially when a child is misbehaving.
 Many children spend anywhere from six to 12 hours a day within one particular center, with one to two adults as their care-givers. What are we showing them? Anger, frustration or the attitude “Do what you want because I’m not your momma”? If parents only knew the truth, they would just spend more time researching the center.

 Find out why there is a high rate of staff turnover. Don’t be content with the fact your child’s particular care giver is still there. Maybe they just can’t afford to leave. Maybe they just can’t afford to leave. Things change during Summer vacations, new people come in and favorites may be gone. Parents don’t just grab a lunch menu on your way out of the center and assume that because it looks nutritious, your child must be eating right.

Teachers are to make sure the children eat their lunches, but in some centers the food is so horrible the amount the children given are so minimal that it hurts my heart to place it in front of the child. Drop in at lunch time. Give no advance warning, and you may be surprised. Just because you pay your money to a fancy, well-equipped center that all is well.

Centers established to take care of the “poorer” majority of children tend to have more equipment, more food and generally better funding. As I’m sure you know, most centers are run by the rules of minimum standards-and that is just what is there; the minimum. Centers tend to do just enough to squeeze their own standards into the rules.

Explore your child’s center. Make many unannounced visits. Appear at different times. Walk through the center. Don’t just stop at the door of your child’s class. At most centers that I have worked in (and I have worked in the best to the worst) the teachers are to have activities and lessons prepared. That’s a very frustrating job to do when there are a few or no supplies to use. Are there Kleenex? Bathroom tissue? Paper towels?

If your child is an infant, I implore you to stop in more often. See if anyone is holding your infant, playing on the floor, singing or playing music. If you always see your child or any child consistently in the bed, swings, or confined to a bouncer, it is probably how he spends his/her day. Again I ask who is caring for your child? Disturbing video

About the Author: Ey Wade considers herself to be a caged in frustrated author of thought provoking, mind bending eBooks, an occasional step-in parent, a fountain of knowledge, and ready to share. She is the author of The Perfect Solution the story of a parent’s worse nightmare. A three year old is mistakenly given to a stalker by his preschool-teacher. http://wade-inpublishing.com

Available for Purchase:

AmazonUK AmazonUS , Sony or Kobo, Scribed
Nook and iTunes.

Check Your Daycare Before School Starts

You should know. It won't make your child conceited if you tell them how wonderful they are.

Applaud them for their accomplishments, even if it looks minute in your eyes. Encourage them to try bigger and better things. Don't compare their skills to someone else, whether better or worse.
You should also know, it won't destroy your child to know where their weakness lies.

Encourage them to repeat what they believe is a failure, practice eventually builds the skill or let's the child know the activity is not their forte. And that's okay.
Bestowing Praise & Speaking Encouragement on the Child in Your Life #parenting #homeschooling

When it comes to teaching a child, I honestly believe it isn't what you give a child to learn, but how you teach him & help him learn.

The subject at the time is relevant, but the process used in teaching, equipment and tools at hand, matter the most. The best and most expensive pieces of electronics and technology means nothing if the instructor can't grab the child's attention or the material has no enjoyment in it.
Something has to be there to spark the child into wanting to learn. An iPad is not the be all and the end all, as stated in this article from Time Magazine-Education

"An iPad is an amazing device for transmitting information, but what makes a difference in a student’s life is the information, not its mode of transmission. Appropriate content, provided at the right time in the student’s life, and in the right pedagogical context, is everything. Technology doesn’t guarantee any part of that. An iPad loaded with inane apps is just another boring textbook."~Jervay Tervelon

You as a parent or educator can come up with an extensive lesson plan and curriculum, but if there isn't some sort of eye popping,mind exploding substance of wonder gained, you failed. The child goes through the routine and leaves the room with nothing retained. The lesson was for naught.

With every subject:
  1. Try to incorroprate at least one hand on project
  2. Try to incorporate an art piece
  3. If possible, find the child a suitable partner to work with
  4. Allow laughter  and messiness
  5. Converse throughout lesson. Meaningful conversation. Not just a standard lecture. See what the child is absorbing or missing all together
  6. Set time where you can stop to explain

Ey Wade is the author of several books and the former home-schooling parent of three daughters. Find out more about her by visiting her web page at Wade-In Publishing

 Also visit her children's blog to catch the latest in picture books and YA novels

 bit.ly/kidblg ‪#‎parenting‬ ‪#‎thingslegendsaremadeof‬ ~
Knowledge, Soaked in Like a Sponge

There is a large element of the natural parent in all of us. Some, as we grow into societies wants and demands on us, tend to stifle down our instincts- our gut feelings. My belief is to rear your child as you see fit for what works with you and them. Each child is an individual. a person born of you, but not a part of you. So we have to teach them to that basis. 
Teach them the rules to live in society, but don't smother the natural urge to test the bounds and experience what makes them happy and fulfilled.
Pinoch has grown into one of those fellows I love to watch and listen to one minute, while wanting to confine him to the netherlands in the next.

 I love this thought he believes for himself.

“…I might be two things.” He thought a little longer and said, “I might be a lot of things.”

Yes, I am a grandmother. Lovely to my Jett Parker Ellington and mommy to his mom.

I'm so excited about the things she is doing with him, with his education. With the expansion of his HUGE four

year old brain and his humongous personality.

I believe in hands on and free learning. The natural way of gaining and retaining information.

I also believe in applauding people I see doing good jobs. Not saying this fellow is an angel-no, he's a total real boy with busted knees and lips. Has been from day one, which is why I call him Pinoch. No strings hold him back.

But his mom is doing an outstanding job when it comes to letting him be the person he is meant to be. His joy and thirst in learning is phenomenal.

She is more of a natural parent than I am/was. Into canning, making soaps, and medications. Gardening, wanting chickens and owning a small plot of "I can do what I want," land.

She's homeschooling him as I did with her and her sisters. She has a lovely post on his blog at  Happy Adventures of Preschool Boy 
 "J likes science, caterpillars and butterflies, horses, fast cars,
rhyming games, silly bits of poetry and though he says he doesn’t like
insects, he’s always looking for them. He has a funny talent for bird
calling, an eye for the tiny details, and an enthusiasm and a laugh
that’s contagious.

We’re making up this schooling thing as we go along but I can guarantee you that it will includes all the things little things he
loves and more. There are days where we lay on the floor and write our
letters, or where we take some time to learn on the computer but more
often than not, we like to be hands-on and right in the middle of what
we’re learning.

I’m hoping that a freedom to learn and indulge and in his interests
in his early years will lead to a deep confidence and personal freedom
as he grows. I’m also hoping that he and I will have several fun
adventures along the way." ~ G.Wade -Adventures of Preschool Boy
via- GWade

They also share so much more on their Tumblr and Facebook page.Articles, experiments, etc.

Enjoy this lesson on how to make Salt Dough from their YOUTUBE page.

That Lovey Feeling. My Grandbaby Can Do No Wrong #parenting #homeschooling

I don't think there is anything more enjoyable in life than being a grandparent. You get to see parts of your own child reborn. Relive the joy of holding a new life, and see the future.


 You get the chance to watch this new being become a person in their own right.

Love, spoil, send back home.

And you get to sit back and cheer a little when karma kicks in, but...

  • Don't stand too far back. All new parents need a little advice and will love it when given in a non-condescending manner.
  • Don't cheer at the comeuppance your child is getting from their mini. Well,maybe you can just a little. Behind the hand and not too loudly.
  • Do step in occasionally and show how you handle a given situation that's getting out of hand. Not as if you are the only one who could fix the issue, but with the air of instruction and being a help mate.
  • Do show that grandchild what behavior you will and will not accept. Shut it down quick.It never works if you let a child believe he/she can get away with any and everything with Lovey, grandma...whoever you are to them. That reinforces bad behavior and doesn't help the parents. You guys are all a team in rearing a beautiful, loving, giving adult.
  • Most of all, pass out lots of hugs and parts on back for a job well done.

Ey Wade is the author of several books in many genres. She s at present working on a parenting book.
Enjoy novels written by Ey Wade  
Snap of a Grandparent #parenting #grandparent #thingslegendsaremadeof

If you haven't had a chance to get into the novel, D.N.A.-Nothing Would Ever Be The Same, hop over and flip through the pages of the main character, Debney N. Armstrong. As a recently orphaned teen, she has a lot to share and insights that may be of aid to others.
This is her latest entry:

I just had to write this:

These are my most important selfies ever. From now on, I will never look at myself and see a big belly teen. Today, I totally got it. After seeing the baby on the sonogram, seeing how big, how human, he has gotten, being told he could be here at anytime...I totally got it.

He looked so real, like a- a baby. All of these months I thought of the little being brutalizing my insides as, I have to be honest, a hindrance and an alien. No more than gas pains and cramps. But today, when he moved his tiny fingers, scratched his ear, I wanted to grab him through the glass of the monitor, place him near my heart and squeeze his little body. 


 I never imagined wanting something so much.

From this day forward, I will never see him as anything less than, my baby.


Without saying a word, Debney went into the kitchen and took out two bottles of cold water from the fridge and held one out towards Mrs. De Vicari, who promptly and icily declined the offer.

 The woman's gaze scoured up and down Debney’s bikini-clad body in revulsion, the look filled with so much venom it caused Debney to move behind the kitchen island to protect herself. She had seen the woman’s volatile temper many times, seen her
lose control and throw things, but this time she looked as if she were about to explode.

"I didn’t come here to be social, Debney Armstrong. I came here to make it plain how pissed off I am. I talked to Giant all night last night and ate him up more before he went off to practice this morning. It took everything within me to keep me from coming here last night and bitch you out."

Debney took a sip of water. Looking over its top at the angry woman, she thought about telling her of the restraint it took within herself to keep from telling her how much Gianté hated being called ‘Giant’. Instead she lowered the bottle and licked her lips before answering.


"Is that all you're going to say, 'okay', as if it means nothing to you?
Are you so much like your cold-hearted bitch of a mother that you don’t give a damn about the feelings of others?"

Debney choked and coughed violently at the unexpected causticcomment, but was stopped from making a response by the continued verbal assault.

"Don't bother to answer. Nuts never fall far from their tree. How could you just jump on a plane and leave the country? By yourself it would have just been your business, but to take the children of caring families with you is outrageous. Are you crazy?"

"No, Ma'am. I’m sorry, but they wanted to come."

"Sorry? Sorry doesn’t cut it. Sorry is not enough to erase the fear and worry I had for my child. You better be glad you’re hiding back there because I could just grab you and beat you." She took a deep breath that had nothing to do with aiding in calming her. It only seemed to fan the fire. "And to make things even worse, I hear you're pregnant." The woman practically screeched. "What the hell is wrong with you? Giant made me promise not to tell anyone else anything, but I'm going to tell you this....you are not putting that little heartless creature on my Giant. This will not be his child or his responsibility. You can be sure you better handle it yourself."

Debney put the bottle of water on the cabinet of the kitchen island and crossed her arms across her stomach, subconsciously shielding her unborn child.

"Ooookay, aren’t you supposed to be the adult here and give constructive criticism?" She watched the other woman's brow lift a little at the rebuke, and it gave her courage. She had never been one to back down from a full-frontal verbal attack. "Isn’t this supposed to be the part where you tell me things will be alright or say something to ease the fears I am having?" Folding her arms in a more relaxed fashion, she smiled a little. "Aren’t you supposed to be the guiding light to my wayward, youthful ways?"

"What the hell? This isn’t a damned joke. What’s wrong with you, Debney? I feel as if I don't know you. For the past four years you’ve been with us on every vacation. You and Giant were like brother and sister for years. It was a mistake letting him come over here for a party. I knew your parents weren’t home. What were you thinking? Were you out of your mind? How could you have what boils down to be nothing more than an orgy?"

"Wha....that’s not true. What happened got out of control. It was a huge mistake. I can’t tell you how much I regret it."
"I bet you do. From what I've heard you aren’t able to tell the father of your baby. I can promise you this much, you will not put your child on him."

"I have no intentions of doing anything like that. Anyway, I didn’t invite anyone over here that night but Gianté. You sent everyone else here. What do you think teenage boys would do in a house when no adults are present? I admit I did lose my mind after the police left, but I’m in control now. This baby is nobody’s business. I mean nobody's. So you can stop worrying and take your screaming, hollering presence somewhere else. I need calm in my life."

"Stop worrying? You’ve just screwed up your life and I don’t intend to let you do it to my son."

"I said the party was a mistake. I said nothing about my baby. Not once have I thought of it as a tool to destroy my life. If anything, it has saved my life. The child will be my responsibility. There is nothing I can’t handle myself. I don't need anyone."

"Please, girl, you're damned delusional."



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    Debney Shares a Peek at Her Pregnant Emotions. #DNA #teenpregnancy #parenting

    I wrote this open letter titled From The View Of A Child. You should read this.

    Dear Caregiver,
    Spring is here and Summer won't be far behind  and I know that you will be planning outdoor activities that will take us away from the childcare center or home. 

    I have been waiting in trepidation for these events throughout the entire cold, wet winter. I have heard many of my friends died because of a lack in observation in childcare center this past summer. 

    Some even died because their parents forgot them in the car!  In the hot car! I don’t want to be like them. I am wondering if you will be aware of me. 
    • Will you remember to buckle me in my car seat or remind me to buckle my seat belt?
    • Will you remember I am in the car or van and to count heads before you lock up and go about your day?
    •   Will you remember that I am not a bag of groceries that you can leave sit in the car while you make a ‘quick’ trip in the store, post office, gas station?  If I don’t behave as you wish, show me the correct way. If you think it is easier to run in and leave me in the car, ask yourself if it would be easier to leave me in a coffin?
     I don’t want to be like my friends so I am asking you to make sure the air conditioner is working.  You do know children get hot faster and dehydrate quicker than adults, don't you? Check the vans and cars before you lock them to make sure I am out.
    Don’t leave me for even a minute. If you don’t have my hand or haven’t kissed my face, you have forgotten me.

    Parents I wrote an article CHECK YOUR DAYCARE asking if you knew who was caring for your child, do you know yet?

    About the Author: Ey Wade considers herself to be a caged in frustrated author of thought provoking, mind bending eBooks, an occasional step-in parent, a fountain of knowledge, and ready to share. She is the author of The Perfect Solution the story of a parent’s worse nightmare. A three year old is mistakenly given to a stalker by his preschool-teacher.
    Saving Children-Check Your Backseat. Time for a Repost #parenting #homeschooling #heat #thingslegendsaremadeof

    I will forever think of January as the darkest month.
     For twenty years whenever the first day of the New Year rolled in I would remember my dad had died New Year's Eve of 1992, he didn't get to see the first day of '93.

    January of 2013 rolled in with extreme excitement . The past year had been awesome. The first year in years of waiting for dreaded phone calls, that none came. Many happy days of waking and not having any bad news concerning my sister's health. Great parties and celebrations. The happy news my children's books would finally 'be' in print . I texted my sister (the eldest one) immediately after midnight to wish her a happy new year, joyously proclaiming how I was seeing great things happening in 2013. She responded, in all caps- FOR ALL OF US....not even two weeks later, the phone call came.

    As my sister (the youngest) and I rushed through the doors of the hospital towards the elevators for ICU I had my head down responding to well wishes from Facebook friends on my cell. Suddenly I could see my dad walk past and I quickly turned around to see if maybe I had walked too close to someone who resembled him and I would apologize. No one was there. This was one of those, 'oh, Damn moments' you never want to face.
    My unexpected movements caused my sister to stop,too. I explained what I thought I saw and we brushed it off and continued on our way. I kept that vision to myself, but I knew in that moment our life was going to change. Why else would he be there except to see his favorite daughter. Who else would God send, but the man who angered her the most. It gave me comfort to believe they had finally made up and Angela's soul would 'be' at rest. Needless to say, I really wanted to believe 'he' was there to comfort her and send her back to us. Didn't happen.

    And then here comes 2014, another year of full faced devastation. Once again I get a call, this time it's Mom. For 17 days I sat by her side praying for a miracle and wanting every twitch to 'be' a good sign, I knew better. I can't even explain the feelings of the days to come. On Thanksgiving morning, she passed away.
     Its as if life exploded into a million fragments in a wind tunnel made from a black plastic bag. You punch and fight to get out while trying to put your life back together. Trying to hurry and put the pieces back together and then get out of the bag before you smother in your sorrow. The only thing that will save you is acceptance. Once you go through that door, all else is easier. It doesn't get better, nothing really changes but it seems easier, the weight of grief is gone, the days feel brighter and the new normal seems promising.

    I still see great things happening this 2015, I just see them from a different angle.
    I have to say, when my time comes and if God sends the one person who irritated me so much in life that every time I saw or thought of him I wanted to spit, God and I will box for sure.
    *God and I Will Box for Sure* #grief #thingslegendsaremadeof


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