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Snap of a Grandparent #parenting #grandparent #thingslegendsaremadeof

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I don't think there is anything more enjoyable in life than being a grandparent. You get to see parts of your own child reborn. Relive the joy of holding a new life, and see the future.


 You get the chance to watch this new being become a person in their own right.

Love, spoil, send back home.

And you get to sit back and cheer a little when karma kicks in, but...

  • Don't stand too far back. All new parents need a little advice and will love it when given in a non-condescending manner.
  • Don't cheer at the comeuppance your child is getting from their mini. Well,maybe you can just a little. Behind the hand and not too loudly.
  • Do step in occasionally and show how you handle a given situation that's getting out of hand. Not as if you are the only one who could fix the issue, but with the air of instruction and being a help mate.
  • Do show that grandchild what behavior you will and will not accept. Shut it down quick.It never works if you let a child believe he/she can get away with any and everything with Lovey, grandma...whoever you are to them. That reinforces bad behavior and doesn't help the parents. You guys are all a team in rearing a beautiful, loving, giving adult.
  • Most of all, pass out lots of hugs and parts on back for a job well done.

Ey Wade is the author of several books in many genres. She s at present working on a parenting book.
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