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That Lovey Feeling. My Grandbaby Can Do No Wrong #parenting #homeschooling

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There is a large element of the natural parent in all of us. Some, as we grow into societies wants and demands on us, tend to stifle down our instincts- our gut feelings. My belief is to rear your child as you see fit for what works with you and them. Each child is an individual. a person born of you, but not a part of you. So we have to teach them to that basis. 
Teach them the rules to live in society, but don't smother the natural urge to test the bounds and experience what makes them happy and fulfilled.
Pinoch has grown into one of those fellows I love to watch and listen to one minute, while wanting to confine him to the netherlands in the next.

 I love this thought he believes for himself.

“…I might be two things.” He thought a little longer and said, “I might be a lot of things.”

Yes, I am a grandmother. Lovely to my Jett Parker Ellington and mommy to his mom.

I'm so excited about the things she is doing with him, with his education. With the expansion of his HUGE four

year old brain and his humongous personality.

I believe in hands on and free learning. The natural way of gaining and retaining information.

I also believe in applauding people I see doing good jobs. Not saying this fellow is an angel-no, he's a total real boy with busted knees and lips. Has been from day one, which is why I call him Pinoch. No strings hold him back.

But his mom is doing an outstanding job when it comes to letting him be the person he is meant to be. His joy and thirst in learning is phenomenal.

She is more of a natural parent than I am/was. Into canning, making soaps, and medications. Gardening, wanting chickens and owning a small plot of "I can do what I want," land.

She's homeschooling him as I did with her and her sisters. She has a lovely post on his blog at  Happy Adventures of Preschool Boy 
 "J likes science, caterpillars and butterflies, horses, fast cars,
rhyming games, silly bits of poetry and though he says he doesn’t like
insects, he’s always looking for them. He has a funny talent for bird
calling, an eye for the tiny details, and an enthusiasm and a laugh
that’s contagious.

We’re making up this schooling thing as we go along but I can guarantee you that it will includes all the things little things he
loves and more. There are days where we lay on the floor and write our
letters, or where we take some time to learn on the computer but more
often than not, we like to be hands-on and right in the middle of what
we’re learning.

I’m hoping that a freedom to learn and indulge and in his interests
in his early years will lead to a deep confidence and personal freedom
as he grows. I’m also hoping that he and I will have several fun
adventures along the way." ~ G.Wade -Adventures of Preschool Boy
via- GWade

They also share so much more on their Tumblr and Facebook page.Articles, experiments, etc.

Enjoy this lesson on how to make Salt Dough from their YOUTUBE page.

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