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Knowledge, Soaked in Like a Sponge

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When it comes to teaching a child, I honestly believe it isn't what you give a child to learn, but how you teach him & help him learn.

The subject at the time is relevant, but the process used in teaching, equipment and tools at hand, matter the most. The best and most expensive pieces of electronics and technology means nothing if the instructor can't grab the child's attention or the material has no enjoyment in it.

Something has to be there to spark the child into wanting to learn. An iPad is not the be all and the end all, as stated in this article from Time Magazine-Education

"An iPad is an amazing device for transmitting information, but what makes a difference in a student’s life is the information, not its mode of transmission. Appropriate content, provided at the right time in the student’s life, and in the right pedagogical context, is everything. Technology doesn’t guarantee any part of that. An iPad loaded with inane apps is just another boring textbook."~Jervay Tervelon

You as a parent or educator can come up with an extensive lesson plan and curriculum, but if there isn't some sort of eye popping,mind exploding substance of wonder gained, you failed. The child goes through the routine and leaves the room with nothing retained. The lesson was for naught.

With every subject:
  1. Try to incorroprate at least one hand on project
  2. Try to incorporate an art piece
  3. If possible, find the child a suitable partner to work with
  4. Allow laughter  and messiness
  5. Converse throughout lesson. Meaningful conversation. Not just a standard lecture. See what the child is absorbing or missing all together
  6. Set time where you can stop to explain

Ey Wade is the author of several books and the former home-schooling parent of three daughters. Find out more about her by visiting her web page at Wade-In Publishing

 Also visit her children's blog to catch the latest in picture books and YA novels

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