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Saving Children-Check Your Backseat. Time for a Repost #parenting #homeschooling #heat #thingslegendsaremadeof

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I wrote this open letter titled From The View Of A Child. You should read this.

Dear Caregiver,
Spring is here and Summer won't be far behind  and I know that you will be planning outdoor activities that will take us away from the childcare center or home. 

I have been waiting in trepidation for these events throughout the entire cold, wet winter. I have heard many of my friends died because of a lack in observation in childcare center this past summer. 

Some even died because their parents forgot them in the car!  In the hot car! I don’t want to be like them. I am wondering if you will be aware of me. 
  • Will you remember to buckle me in my car seat or remind me to buckle my seat belt?
  • Will you remember I am in the car or van and to count heads before you lock up and go about your day?
  •   Will you remember that I am not a bag of groceries that you can leave sit in the car while you make a ‘quick’ trip in the store, post office, gas station?  If I don’t behave as you wish, show me the correct way. If you think it is easier to run in and leave me in the car, ask yourself if it would be easier to leave me in a coffin?
 I don’t want to be like my friends so I am asking you to make sure the air conditioner is working.  You do know children get hot faster and dehydrate quicker than adults, don't you? Check the vans and cars before you lock them to make sure I am out.
Don’t leave me for even a minute. If you don’t have my hand or haven’t kissed my face, you have forgotten me.

Parents I wrote an article CHECK YOUR DAYCARE asking if you knew who was caring for your child, do you know yet?

About the Author: Ey Wade considers herself to be a caged in frustrated author of thought provoking, mind bending eBooks, an occasional step-in parent, a fountain of knowledge, and ready to share. She is the author of The Perfect Solution the story of a parent’s worse nightmare. A three year old is mistakenly given to a stalker by his preschool-teacher.

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